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Bollywood Hot Stars pictures

February 5, 2013

All Indian Hero and Heroine

Do you Know Them All?

They Are all Bollywood stars. Let’s start talking about them here.


Love Crazy Teens and Quotesღ

December 20, 2012

Photo: Like them? Then go like [: Wanna be teens [:

At the store & asked for 12 condoms. 2 girls behind me started laughing. I turned around & looked them in the eyes and said, “Make it 14”



Q;Who is your favorite singer In one direction ?
A; well you can kinda tell about my signature 🙂 Niall James Horan ! 🙂 So go Like My Signature if you like/love one direction


Q; Whos Your Favorite Celebrity Couple?
A; Well Selena gomez and Justin bieber or Taylor Swift And Harry Styles ♥
any more?


Q; Whats Your Favorite animal? Unicorns,Cheetahs? 🙂
A; I Like unicorns But There Not real D; I wish they were real but my favorite animal is zebras 🙂 ♥


You’re single!?!?!?


So a lot of you guys hate me because I am NOT a Directioner… Well, just to let you all know that I do NOT hate them. I just have a different style in music then them.. It’s just not my taste.. BUT I do like the song little things. But that’s about it. 🙂
I like stuff like Sum41, Bullet for my valentine, 3 Days Grace, Faber Drive, Linkin Park, Second Hand Serenade, Rise Against and stuff like that..So don’t hate on me because I have a different taste in music.


Photo: This is Legit So Stupid Like WTF??



Epic Body Art! Hit ‘LIKE’ if you think this is awesome

September 26, 2012

Explore Talent – Acting and Modeling


Kate Middleton naked Pictures

September 25, 2012

Kate Middleton Sexy Topless & Thong Photos Revealed,Lawsuit In The Works

Kate Middleton sexy topless & thong photos revealed,lawsuit in the works. According to a new report from Gawker and numerous other news outlets, the Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William’s privacy was heavily violated by wicked French pap cams. Then the French magazine “Closer,” ran the photos. Now, Kate and the rest of the royal family are totally filing a lawsuit against the magazine for invasion of privacy!

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