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Forex Trade solution

October 7, 2013

High Monthly Profit With Low Draw Down. Detailed Statement for the account can be sent upon your request.Just I want to mention that now PayPal payment option is working again … Remember that EA is only $110 if Payment by Skrill (MoneyBookers). Please ask for details of payment if you like to use this option !.


I believe in the saying that no one can beat the market !.

Market started yesterday and today too to go wild because of the news. The EA acts very well and managed itself to extract good pips as usual.

Now, the EURUSD is ranging in 12 pips since 6 hours. I expect this to make the market ready for the next explosion. No one can predict to where it will go!. So, it is wise to stop everything and start again next week.

I advise all buyers and testers to do so if they can afford to close their orders on current market price.

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