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Love Crazy Teens and Quotesღ

December 20, 2012

Photo: Like them? Then go like [: Wanna be teens [:

At the store & asked for 12 condoms. 2 girls behind me started laughing. I turned around & looked them in the eyes and said, “Make it 14”



Q;Who is your favorite singer In one direction ?
A; well you can kinda tell about my signature 🙂 Niall James Horan ! 🙂 So go Like My Signature if you like/love one direction


Q; Whos Your Favorite Celebrity Couple?
A; Well Selena gomez and Justin bieber or Taylor Swift And Harry Styles ♥
any more?


Q; Whats Your Favorite animal? Unicorns,Cheetahs? 🙂
A; I Like unicorns But There Not real D; I wish they were real but my favorite animal is zebras 🙂 ♥


You’re single!?!?!?


So a lot of you guys hate me because I am NOT a Directioner… Well, just to let you all know that I do NOT hate them. I just have a different style in music then them.. It’s just not my taste.. BUT I do like the song little things. But that’s about it. 🙂
I like stuff like Sum41, Bullet for my valentine, 3 Days Grace, Faber Drive, Linkin Park, Second Hand Serenade, Rise Against and stuff like that..So don’t hate on me because I have a different taste in music.


Photo: This is Legit So Stupid Like WTF??



Obama’s Sexy looking Girls With sarkuji

July 13, 2012
You can make Obama’s eyes pop like that too. Now New York & Company is offering a 30% coupon when you use promo code 2835 to check out at their official web store.
Photo: You can make Obama's eyes pop like that too. Now New York & Company is offering a 30% coupon when you use promo code 2835 to check out at their official web store.

May 21, 2012

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Very Nice Naughty question SMS

May 17, 2012

Can I Ride?

A couple were in their bed ready to make love when their four year old son walked in an asked Daddy can I ride on your back, The Dad said no, when the wife told her husband it’s OK honey he doesn’t know what’s going on, so he agreed. As they got in to the throws of passion and the wife started moaning and breathing heavy the little boy said, Daddy you better hold on yesterday when she did that me and the Milkman both almost hit the floor.

Husband and wife

Husband and wife are getting all snugly in bed. The passion is heating up. But then the wife stops and says? I don’t feel like it, I just want you to hold Me.?
The husband says? WHAT???

The wife says, you must not be in tune with my emotional needs as a woman.

The husband realizes that nothing is going to happen tonight and he might as well deal with it.

So the next day the husband takes her shopping at a big department store.

He walks around and has her try on three very expensive outfits. She can’t decide. He tells his wife to take all three of them. They go over and get matching shoes worth $200 each. Then they go to the Jewelry Department where she gets a set of diamond earrings.

The wife is so excited. She thinks her husband has flipped out, but she does not care. She goes for the tennis bracelet. The husband says, but you don’t even play tennis, but OK, if you like it then let’s get It.?

The wife is jumping up and down? She’s so excited; she cannot believe what is going on.

She says? I’m ready to go, let’s go to the cash register. The husband says, No – no – no, honey we’re not going to buy all this stuff? The wife’s face goes blank? No honey – I just want you to HOLD this stuff for a while?

Her face gets really mad and she is about to explode and the husband says? You must not be in tune with my financial needs as a man.?


A father and his son go into the grocery store


A father and his son go into the grocery store when they happen upon the condom aisle. The son asks his father why there are so many different boxes of condoms. The father replies, ”Well, you see that 3-pack? That’s for when you’re in high school. You have 2 for Friday night and 1 for Saturday night.” The son then asks his father, ”What’s the 6-pack for?”

The father replies, ”Well, that’s for when you’re in college. You have 2 for Friday night, 2 for Saturday night, and 2 for Sunday morning.”

Then the son asks his father what the 12-pack is for.
The father replies, ”Well, that’s for when you’re married. You have one for January, one for February, one for March, one for…..” 

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