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Win $1,000 with $2,000 in winnings! -Be Join free Quickly

October 25, 2012

Hello Friend GOOD News For REal Earning Money … ANd Just REgister to Get your Prize free

Win $1,000 with $2,000 in winnings! The SEOClerks Affiliate Contest has begun.

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Win $1,000 from SEOClerks


We are giving away a total of $2,000 to the winners of this contest.

  1. $1,000
  2. $500
  3. $250
  4. $50
  5. $50
  6. $50
  7. $50
  8. $50


  1. The winner is determined by the user with the most affiliate sales worth (dollar amount)
  2. Affiliate connections and sales are valid for this contest only after 10/12/2012 @ 2:00PM EST (anyone affiliated to your account prior to this account does not account towards your contest earnings)
  3. Affiliates who purchase your own services do count for this contest although you will not receive the 10% commission for the purchase of your own services
  4. If you should be so lucky to win, the cash will be deposited into your SEOClerks account. You can withdraw it just like normal earnings.
  5. Contest ends on: 12/12/2012 @ 2:00PM EST
  6. Total Contest Sales must reach $10,000 in order for contest to be valid (total as a group, this is not a per person limit)
  7. Sales must be completed to count

What Converts?

We’ve tried a lot of different methods to bring visitors and convert those visitors into buyers. Here is what we have found works:

  1. Social Media (Tweets, Facebook Likes, etc)- particularly effective if you have real friends
  2. Forum Posts to WTB threads
  3. Forum Threads announcing your services
  4. Coupons – give out a coupon for your own service
  5. Blog Reviews/Posts
  6. Sponsored Tweets
  7. Pay Per Click Social Media
  8. Any Targeted Pay Per Click Ads

Even if you lose…

You’ll still earn 10% of all the affiliates you generate for life. Click for more details about our affiliate program.

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